Introduce yourself here: the sequel

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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
21 Dec 2017

I am Owen Mitchell and I am a college student who runs a third party Amazon retailing business. I have found success by targeting college students with my products. If anyone has valuable information regarding trends on Amazon or has done logistic work for product information, I would love to better my business.

Thanks All
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
27 Dec 2017
A little description about me

“My name is Josiane Migotti, I am from Vanuatu.
I would describe myself as a very active woman.,
I’m currently looking for potential buyers worldwide.
I’ve 10 years of experience working with spices and Kava agricultures.
I do have a Kava bar in Santo -Luganville and a Motel as well!
My challenge is to Train indigenous, and organizing in helping them managing their kava plantations.
I have raised an age where I would like exporting my products overseas.
I consider myself a good manager, and I have a good sense of humor.
I came across your website and I was thinking in writing you for more info…
My idea is also to found customer in Amsterdam…. USA other countries as well.
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
9 Jan 2018
Hi , Im Andre from Queensland Australia...looking to understand how the E-commerce thing works and if it's something that I can get involved with in the future..Have been self-employed in the construction industry for over 25 years and want to find a way to make an income without wearing out my body anymore....Cheers All !
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
10 Jan 2018

Staying in Sterling Heights, MI, I am Sumeet.

Just starting out in the space of online marketplace by providing a supporting service to sellers and buyers.

If you are in the Sterling Heights MI area kindly let me know we can have discussions and support the local community.
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
12 Jan 2018
Hi! I'm Cathy, and I'm a small-time eBay seller and "Turbo Lister 2 orphan." I stick to the 50 free auction-style listings eBay allows each month (and take occasional months off). I've been using TL2 since it was first introduced (and TL1 before that), and it's followed me through several computer changes. I just replaced my computer again this week, re-downloaded and installed TL2, and restored my TL database from the last backup -- but the "Ended Listings" seem to have disappeared, synchronization appears to be broken (freezes on "estimating"), and no more program updates. (OK, I'm not TOO surprised at that last bit, although I'm pretty sure I was still downloading program updates in November.)
I'm taking another look at TL2 alternatives, but need something which can:
1) import as much of the saved info/templates/activity log/etc. from TL2 as possible;
2) support auction-style listings;
3) be either free or as low-cost as possible (as a low-volume seller, I don't have "economies of scale" to justify a monthly subscription fee that's higher than my (ultra-cheap) cell phone bill); and
4) ideally, feel and behave as much like ye olde Turbo Lister 2 as possible.

eBay has been pushing the Seller Hub, but I can't do offline bulk listing creation there like I can in TL2 -- so I'd be willing to consider 3rd-party offline listing creation tools.
eBay sellers are people, too!
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
18 Jan 2018
i am Jennifer Thomas
I do everything related to fish. like

Best Online Aquarium Store
Buy Fish Supplies Online
Buy Led Aquarium Lighting
Aquarium Supply Store
and my website -
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
19 Jan 2018
My name is Nicole Welden. I am a partner with WELL Insurance. We sell general liability insurance and also Suspension Insurance. IF you are interested in any of these options to cover your business, please give me a call at 270-952-2474 or Matt at 270-952-2525. Or shoot me an email at

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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
25 Jan 2018
Good Morning,

My name is Sprindek Crawford of Dexter's Discount Store. I am a eBay Seller. I have been doing ebay since 2005 and have found great success in finding great deals to pass on to my customers and future consumers. Sourcing to find a wholesaler or manufacturer to team up with is my goal. If there is a product out there that I believe in, my company will market and promote that product through my ebay store and future website. Thanks for this opportunity to join this forum.
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
25 Jan 2018
Hello my name is Leighton. My partner and I have a business offering easy, non-complicated registering and reporting of VAT in Europe for Amazon and eBay sellers. We have a network of English Speaking VAT experts working for us in all seven countries where Amazon has fulfillment centers.

We are looking for Amazon sellers who would be interested in this service and also we are looking for Affiliates.

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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
26 Jan 2018
Hi Folks,
My Name is Van And I'm from Tennessee originally. I have been in ecommerce for about 10 years now. Just found this forum and look forward to meeting some really cool and successful people here. If anyone needs any help, feel free to contact me, meanwhile if your needing a set up deal to start making money, check out what helped me.

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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
29 Jan 2018

Great to have so many e-commerce experts at the same place
I'm Matilda from OGOship.

OGOship provides logistics solution to all sizes onlinestores. Easy and flexible logistics solution for growing online stores.OGOship is the quick-start pick, pack and send service for your online retail. You only pay for action!

I am interested in many fields of ecom business such as logistics, platform integrations, online store marketing, cross-border sales new business ideas and new technology on the field.

Happy to meet you all
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Amazon Made Simple
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
31 Jan 2018
Hullo everyone,
I am Jerome from Amazon Made Simple. We have a worldwide team to support our customers to grow on Amazon. We handle both vendor and seller accounts, manage AMS campaigns... do anything which needs to be done to bring success to our customers.
We provide also consulting and coaching work to better understand how to make the most of this splendid selling tool: Amazon!

We speak 5 languages and can handle pan North American and European accounts! We are ex-brand managers or ex-Amazon. Here to serve.

We are on webretailer to reach out to more people in need (;-) but also to learn from everyone, Amazon changes everyday, we keep on updating all the time! Looking forward to lots of exchange and learning!
Best regards,
Jérôme de Guigné
Amazon Made Simple - Be found, Be sold
Mobile/What's App: +33 6 52 84 25 86
Skype: jeromedeguigne
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E-commmerce product videos
5 Feb 2018

My name's Yana and I am the E-Commerce Video specialist.

We offer product videos for online sellers to enhance their e-commerce listings on Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc.
You can find out what we do on our website:

We come up with a special formula for product video mass productions that can cover big product catalogs in a fast manner and great rates per video.

Our studio based in LA, California and we can produce up to 160 videos per month. Would be happy to explain the details
Yana N,
E-commerce Video Specialist
Mobile/What's App: +1 239 249 9339
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
5 Feb 2018
Hi Everyone!

Glad I found this as a resource. Andy, nice work for creating this. I have been an entrepreneur for a long time but have only dipped my toe into ecommerce.

I have begun by flirting with eBay as a market place so plan on focusing a little more time and resources to get Ebay generating more income and leveraging this platform first.

Eventually I will create a standalone website maybe through Shopify as well as using other online platforms like Amazon ect.

I am open to ideas and ways to scale, as well as other models that will/would be profitable that as of right now am not familiar or have enough knowledge about. A couple examples are Amazon to Ebay arbitrage, Drop shipping ect.
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
7 Feb 2018
@Andy hello Maritza Brint here , I am a Hair Stylist working on selling on line for about a year now. looking for any info to build and happy to be here!

Thompson & Holt