Introduce yourself here: the sequel

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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
24 Dec 2018
Hi, jack
I'm a logistics provider.I can help you ship Chinese goods abroad safely.
To contact me
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
26 Dec 2018
Hi everyone,

Just finished my web site that is aimed at Android phones with Opera browser. It allows people to sell their merchandise and be paid with Ethereum. Its a simple marketplace. I hope to find here either business leads or advice. My ideal clients would be manufacturers, but any one can start selling. I'll be happy to help you set up your own website based on the code I've written.
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
27 Dec 2018


I am Mohammed. I wanted to start an Amazon online store but my country is not listed in eligible countries fro Amazon sellers.

I want to learn and find alternative platforms to fulfill my intentions.

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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
10 Jan 2019
Hi there!

We have just launched our new social marketplace for online sellers to achieve economy of scale inventory by Group-buying.

Feel free to view our website: Fratsy.COM for top brands and discount wholesale prices.

Also, you can join and submit your own products for free.

Happy reselling!
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
12 Jan 2019
Hi everyone

I'm Rebecca & I'm interested in becoming a reseller. I have won several auctions recently.

Would like some advice how to become successful....
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
13 Jan 2019
@bexbush1997 Welcome to the reseller community! I Hope it proves very lucrative for you.

My advice to you is to make sure you source inventory that sells fast and at a good profit margin.
There are many programs you can download to analyse the products, such as and

We only sell products in wholesale that fall under the above categories. Feel free to email us for a promo code on your first purchase on our site:
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17 Jan 2019
Who you are:
Hi, my name is Albert Lee from Goopter eCommerce solution.

What you do:
I'm a sales representative of Goopter.

What you'd like to talk about in the forum:
Our eCommerce solution, and my previous eCommerce experiences

If there's anything you would like other members to contact you about:
How to build a website by using Goopter platform.

Albert Lee
Sales Representative
Goopter eCommerce Solution Team
Cell: 778-986-7477
Office: 778-379-7918
104-7777 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
11 Feb 2019
Hi Everyone. My name is Christian, webmaster of 2nd Office. I also avid buyer in Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and Lazada.
Christian Morales
Webmaster of 2nd Office
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
14 Feb 2019

I am a part of website “Selmetrics” which is a software to aid all Amazon Sellers. Our website is a marketing solution for Amazon Sellers, where we offer market research to campaign management in one place.

Key feature of our software are:

• Market Analysis
• Keyword Assistant
• Campaign Management
• Optimizing campaign ACOS
• Critical Review Management
• Amazon operation tool box

Function highlights of our tool:
• Competitors Analysis Engine
• Competitors Search Term Retrieval
• Product Monitoring
• Keyword Monitoring
• Campaign Management
• Campaign Monitoring
• Product Critical Review Monitor
• Buy Box Sellers
• Store Performance Overview

If you would like to know more about our solution, refer or please leave message here.
Or email at or call at 408-946-7316

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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
22 Feb 2019
Hey there! And thank you, Andy, for the new thread.

My name is Rachel Johnson Greer, Managing Partner of Cascadia Seller Solutions. We help brands struggling to sell profitably on Amazon by implementing optimized marketing strategies, and launching new products, in compliance with Amazon policies in order to grow their business predictably and consistently.

As a full-service Amazon consultancy comprised of primarily former Amazonians, we're happy to discuss all things related to Amazon strategy (including off-Amazon integrations for a cohesive brand story)!

From private label product development to Amazon marketing/advertising and brand protection, if you want to discover for yourself, be coached, or outsource...we've got you covered.

Come by and say hi- the Former Amazonian's Guide to the Zon
Rachel Greer
Founder/Principal Consultant
Cascadia Seller Solutions - 206-202-4012
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
26 Feb 2019
Hi. I am actually someone who works for a company that makes a product FOR e-Commerce businesses. However, I'm not here to sell, I am here to learn about Amazon sellers and how to help them better.
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
27 Feb 2019
Hi there,
My name is Augusta. We started selling craft supplies and silver jewellery on eBay back few years ago and eventually opened two online shops last year.
please have a look:

On the forum we'd like to learn more about eCommerce solutions, like email marketing, customer engagement on site, single solution to manage several online selling platforms, etc. There are so many, the challenge is to pick a good one.
In January we launched our blog, where we are more than happy to answer any jewellery related questions and give advice on the subject.
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
13 Mar 2019
Hi everyone, I'm Natasha student from Malaysia and now on intership period.If you guys don't mind, I would like to promote my company e-commerce web site that is

Like other online business websites including Shopee, Lazada, Zalora and others, 8cent official website is very easy to used by the users by providing a wide range of products and items of various categories such as kitchen utensils, toilets, furniture and others if they want to buy online.

For more information, visit https: // ...
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
18 Mar 2019
Hi my name is Ngozi, I would like to start an eCommerce trade, I have done abit of research on the tools that could be used to make life easy while trading on eBay and Amazon. My question is where do I find suppliers?, is Alibaba ok? Also, is there any tool that can tell where to purchase any item at all?.

Many thanks.
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Re: Introduce yourself here: the sequel
20 Mar 2019
Hi and thank you for adding me. My name is Teresa and I live on the coast of California.

I am new to the e-commerce industry and am pursuing becoming an online seller.

I am still in the initial learning phase and have yet to launch my first product.

I have signed up with Sophie Howard and product University. I hope that's okay to say here ...and I'm really enjoying her content: it is concise, straightforward, and anybody who can read can learn from her.

Although I have a 20-year business background as a sole proprietor in other industries, the e-commerce is a new venture for me.

this site was mentioned in Sophie Howard's training is how I got here. I am looking forward to learning on this platform as well.

Thanks. Teresa

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