Tools for Walmart

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Tools for Walmart
25 Jun 2019
So I've looked pretty much everywhere but I can not find satisfactory tools or extensions for Walmart. Amazon has a lot of extensions and tools which give a product's daily or monthly sales but what about Walmart?
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Re: Tools for Walmart
2 Jul 2019
Hi Ali,

We understand your frustration. xSellco's mission is to simplify and solve eCommerce for online sellers.

Keeping track of marketplace performance just got easier with eDesk by xSellco!

We recently added a Walmart channel dashboard to eDesk which will deliver vital information at a glance. The Walmart Dashboard will provide unique insights including an orders heatmap, identifying which product increases support tickets and which are returned the most. This gives you actionable information in one place. You can also use the dashboard to answer questions in a matter of seconds:

Which marketplace needs attention?
Which marketplace is driving profit?
Where should I invest my effort for a greater profit?
What type of feedback am I receiving from customers?

We also have a Amazon and eBay Dashboard too so you can see which of your marketplaces are performing better.

eDesk is not just another helpdesk. Proper use of eDesk can significantly reduce your support overhead and turn it into a profit centre. Try eDesk now for free

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