My listing was attacked

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My listing was attacked
26 Jun 2019
Rencently, I upload a new product on Amazon, and send the inventory to their warehouse. and yesterday, I got a lot of orders(more than 10). they make me very happy, while that is a trap. all these orders are from the same city with different buyer account. then Today, all the parcel was returned with negative customer experience rate 100%!!! my listing is inactive now! and the keywords they left on the voice of customer is similar.
It is obviously made the competitors.
So what can i do to denfend my legal rights?
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Re: My listing was attacked
11 Jul 2019
@I_zoeyIs your account ASIN still inactive? I'm an Amazon employee that can help but in order to do so I need to understand better what's going on so that I can guide you

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