Terrible customer service

A review of ShipWorks by Bonnie L McAlpin
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Bonnie L McAlpin
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Terrible customer service
26 Jun 2019
Do not expect honesty and integrity from this company. Very poor customer service. I would not recommend. Since starting with them in April I have been very dissatisfied with their service. At the end of May I reached out and requested they close my account and refund me for the month of May (I had not used their services), they chose to completely ignored my request. I found out today they had not in fact closed my account down and they charged me again for a second month in a row. I called, nicely explained everything, the customer service rep told me I could go to my bank and file fraud. Absolutely despicable. They have no record of me using their services for the past two months, it's so low of them to refuse to refund me, especially since they have my email from when I requested my account be shut down and I be refunded in May.
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