Great place to do do bussiness with.

A review of Direct Liquidation by JOSE A ASCENCIO
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Great place to do do bussiness with.
3 Jul 2019
I have bought several units, Lately, I had some issues with two pallets, however, I am not disappointed; because customer support has been always there to help me out to solve any inconvenient.
Sales or customer service was awesome they walked with me as we discuss what those inconveniences were. They really care about what we as resellers do. They want everyone making business with them are happy and buy again. That is great because not all companies care about you as a customer. I am so pleased with doing business with them. I would definitely recommend anyone to start buying from Direct Liquidation, I have experienced, that if you do business with them, you won't ever walk alone. Prices on pallets are fair, I would say that I have never lost money, sometimes has been great profits, it all depends on the kind of merchandise you buy. Untested returns definitely are more reliable than not working items, chances are way better to make a great profit.
people from facilities are also another plus. They helped me out to set everything in the truck, they are also very supportive. I am glad to be doing business with direct liquidation.
The process of bidding is very transparent. If you do a mistake while biding, the only thing you have to do is to get in touch with customer support and they help you out immediately, there are always good guys there online, to cancel a bid if you bid a wrong amount of money.
I would say overall that I have had a great experience so far, I will continue buying from them. They have a diverse catalog of products in different conditions, which give you the chance to have better choices.
Shipping sometimes is tricky, what I do is that I go for the items by myself, I rent a truck and take my time and pick my all units. That helps a lot in terms of saving money. at the end the price of pallets can be high due to shipping expenses, this is a way of me saving money. I buy items from two different facilities those who are "close" to me, I would say no more than 2 hours distant. I rent a truck with unlimited miles, so distance is not a problem to pick the items.

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