eBay Emails Made Professional with ThankYou Emails

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eBay Emails Made Professional with ThankYou Emails
3 Jul 2019
3Dsellers releases an advanced email marketing software for eBay sellers!

Over 10,000 eBay sellers are already using the 3Dsellers ThankYou emails with substantial results creating loyal customers and return business. Besides the great reviews, we also encourage users to contribute additional ideas for improvements and now, we’re offering an improved email marketing software with advanced cross-promotional capabilities.

Now, eBay sellers have an opportunity to use a fully-capable email marketing campaigns with options to create sending rules, cross-promote specific items by category, by keywords, from the purchased item category and so much more!

Among other things, new features allow a variety of triggers, automated message translation to buyer's native language and blacklisting.

To read a full update on 3Dsellers ThankYou Emails, visit this blog post.

New users can try full access to 3Dsellers for the first 7-day, for free!