multiposter black edition with 2000 forums

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multiposter black edition with 2000 forums
2 May 2010
The Multi-Poster ultimate has brought many features as requested by premium users. Increased functionality, advanced options and many time-saving features have made this the easiest, fastest and most useful of the Multi-Poster applications to date.

- Add and unlimitied amount of your own forums
- Add unlimited posts to the que
- Send to as many forums as your internet connection will allow at the same time
- Load/Save your posts.
- Preview your post
- Dynamic "Saved Templates" resizing for easy selection
- Re-designed outlay for better post creation
- Advanced HTTP customization (User-Agent/Time-Out)
- 26 New chooseable skins
- 45 In-Built Areas
- 10 Custom re-nameable areas
- 10 Custom re-nameable Groups
- 10 Custom Icons
- Retry failed posts
- Mass Import/Export Templates
- Credential checking and Quick-Register Buttons

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