Worst experience ever.

A review of Direct Liquidation by TGFM Technologies Srl
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Worst experience ever.
16 Jul 2019
Worst experience ever.
We're an international buyer, and we scheduled a pickup with our courrier according to their terms.
Every things ok till DHL picked up our goods than at this point DHL asked them for information that was MANDATORY for the shipping and that DHL said mandatory from directliquidations, At this point Direct Liquidation totally refused to provide this information to Dhl. Sounds like dhl one of the biggest shipper of the world don't know how to ship? ) unbelivable.

We and dhl tried in any way to ask them for this information but totally uneffective, their support refuse to cooeperate in any way and keep posting same copied and pasted answere.

We lost money of the goods and we lost money for the failed attempt of shipping of dhl. Probably they wanted to force us to use one of their suggested courrier or the closing price of the auction was to low for them. Anyway really bad experience and loose of time and money. If you are a buyer outside usa please totally avoid this company. STAY AWAY.
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Direct Liquidation
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Re: Worst experience ever.
16 Jul 2019
International shipments are handled by customers, customers are the shippers of their own merchandise. DHL and any other shipping company will require commercial invoices for international shipments to avoid it being held at customs, which must be provided by the owner of the shipment. We provide a manifest and an invoice which should be sufficient to create these commercial invoices, which we do not provide.

We hope that explanation helps resolve any conflict with DHL, which has nothing to do with Direct Liquidation.

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