Terrible application, do not use Jazva! -1star

A review of Jazva by qax2013
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Terrible application, do not use Jazva! -1star
18 Jul 2019
We couldn't agree more with other reviews! Don't use Jazva! It is so hard to use, so hard to understand the "mapping", not user-friendly, wasting your time and money. We've been using Jazva since 02/2019. We were fooled by the salesperson and their online demo. They were super nice and responsive in the beginning. But you will never get what they promised. We sell stuff on Amazon and eBay, the only thing Jazva can do right is print orders. We signed a year contract and hoping to use Jazva to streamline our tasks, which obviously the opposite. Our inventory was a mess when we do FBA plans. It takes so many steps to list one item, if you don't do it their way, you will end up with duplicate product IDs, then you have to figure out how to merge them or delete the original listings. It normally takes a couple of days to get one question answered. You must be extremely patient, otherwise, you will be called unprofessional. Long story short, we were forced to learn the application, had to get used to it to be able to run our business. The reason why we are still using Jazva is that we stuck, because we shared our data with them, and pretty much the back end of our business. Before we find a better solution, we have to use Jazva. But if you are still shopping around, stay away from Jazva, don't even let their salesperson get your emails! If Jazva had google review, they would have been out of business now!
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