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A review of Zentail by bergdh
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e Commerce chaos made simple
21 Jul 2019
What was good about this product or service overall?
Zentail made it very easy to roll out over 8,000 SKU's to multiple marketplaces. We launched in under 6 weeks, even with having to create much of the product data in that time as well. It takes seconds to import new data through a very straight forward importing tool. No complicated spreadsheets or cryptic header rows.

We are able to see in real time if we need to make adjustments to listings. We can make business decisions much faster based on sales velocity and profit margins.

Could anything have been better?
I can't pinpoint any one thing that was lacking. Zentail continues to innovate and add new features that keep making the product even better.

How was the support?
As with any process there are always bumps in the road. Each time something came up the support team was always available and helpful in a timely manner.
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