Deactivated Account Help

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Deactivated Account Help
27 Jul 2019
I recently added a new bank account through user permission (one of my workers), after that my account was deactivated and I was asked to provide a utility bill with name and address same as in seller central. Does this mean it needs to be same as my legal entity or also in my bank account holder name?
Can I change the deposit method while being suspended? (It is open for me to do)?
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Re: Deactivated Account Help
4 Aug 2019
Your account is still available to edit the basic information you entered when you set it up, even if suspended. The answers to the other questions should probably be answered by Seller Central. Under the circumstances I would request a call rather than trying to use the documents to open a case. Go to help and rabbit trail through the system until you see the request a call option. Be aware that the call is immediate so get your ducks in a row before you ask for one. Remember it's Amazon's sandbox and be humble and sincere. Ask as many questions as you can to fully understand the why's behind the situation, and what is expected of you to fix it. Good luck!