AuctionSplash Support Forum Goes Live!

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AuctionSplash Support Forum Goes Live!
5 May 2010
AuctionSplash, the world’s premier eBay sales tool is delighted to announce the launch of their new support forum as part of their ever-growing website. The forum provides comprehensive advice, support and interactivitybetween users and the AuctionSplash team.

AuctionSplash is free to its users and an invaluable tool in transforming a small hobby selling odds and ends into a thriving eBay business at the click of a mouse.

With the AuctionSplash forum now live users can interact directly with AuctionSplash and share in the wealth of their knowledge. As a result of direct interactivity with their users AuctionSplash can instantly respond to their needs and tailor their already excellent service to the constantly shifting needs of their users in order to remainone step ahead of the competition.

As well as the AuctionSplash team users benefit from becoming part of the fast growing AuctionSplash community as they converge to share advice, tips and tricks of the trade ensuring that everyone’s business grows as the forum becomes a thriving hub of the online sales community.

In short this new addition to the website ensures the burgeoning community of eBay business sellers has an even more invaluable tool than the previously exemplary service.
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Re: AuctionSplash Support Forum Goes Live!
18 May 2010
That's great news and I can see it is already being well used.
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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