Best eBay sniping program and great customer service

A review of BidSlammer by marydee
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Best eBay sniping program and great customer service
8 Aug 2019
I started using eBay again, and tried BidSlammer service on a recommendation from a blog post saying it was the best one. I wasn't sorry! I am computer-illiterate, but the program is very easy to use (it took less than a minute from the time I registered to the time I scheduled my first snipe).

I won the very first snipe (an awesome laptop) but I was confused why the auction ended at my exact bid amount, and not eBay's "automatic bidding" price (which is only supposed to bid as high as it needs to win the auction). I wrote to them, and received this very personalized response:

"Thank you for your question about sniping and proxy bidding. We place the bid exactly as you specify it, and eBay's proxy bidding system does the rest. We created a fairly detailed help page on this subject recently. Here is the link:

In your specific case, it looks like you were competing with one other automatic sniper ("x***z") plus one other manual sniper ("z***y"). You won with $405 after eBay added the minimum bid increment of $5 to the next-lower bidder.

Please let us know if we can help further, we are happy to assist with other questions!"

Thanks, BidSlammer! I found my new home.
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