Any experience with this brand building agency for Amazon

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Any experience with this brand building agency for Amazon
9 Aug 2019
Hey guys!

I recently got an email from Comdel, a German agency for brand building and surpassing ones competitors on Amazon.

Does anyone of you have any experince with this agency?

I started a conversation with them and they seem trustworthy and serious, the prices are quite good for such a service, thats why I wanted to ask if anyone has any information about them!

Would be glad for your sincere replies. I will also add my further experince to this post to keep you updated
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Re: Any experience with this brand building agency for Amazo
Today at 5:58pm
@Epetor Hi there , Im sorry to not directly answer your question however I can extend an offer to you.

My name is Grailan, I am a photographer and Brand consultant looking to put my name out to E-commerce sellers to offer my photography/branding services. I have been shooting for 6+ years with international experience, and Prior to shooting products I was a celebrity photographer.

In an attempt to build visibility and gain future clientele my company Thre3am is offering Free professional E-commerce photoshoots in hopes thats in return sellers will spread our name to their colleagues.

Are you interested in a free photoshoot on white?
if so, What kind of product do you sell online?

Companies I shoot with:
Eureka Vacuums
Midea Global
Alicia Keys
Arctic King
Much more...

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