Free Product photoshoot on white

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Free Product photoshoot on white
25 Aug 2019
Hi all!
My name is Grailan, I am a product photographer and Brand consultant looking to put my name out to E-commerce sellers and offer my photography/branding services. I have been shooting for 6+ years with international experience, and Prior to shooting products I was a celebrity photographer.

In an attempt to build visibility and gain future clientele my company Thre3am is offering Free professional E-commerce catalog-style photoshoots on white!
We are performing this completely free service in hopes thats in return sellers will spread our name to their colleagues thus generating notoriety.

Please comment below or email ( if you are interested in a free shoot on white!

Examples of my work can be found here:

Companies I shoot with:
Eureka Vacuums
Midea Global
Alicia Keys
Arctic King
Much more...

Thompson & Holt