Ebay indefinite suspension

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Ebay indefinite suspension
27 Aug 2019
Good evening, new to the site after having a problem with eBay. We have received an indefinite suspension on 1 of our sites which has caused another 2 to be suspended. We have been an eBay member since 2010 on our first site. We started a genuine UK based business selling products in 2016 and used this account to get up and running. Over time and expansion we added another 2 sites to broaden our product range and become more visible on eBay. All were running fine and growing very well. Between the 3 we were turning over about 75k a month. At the start of the year we added another, main reason being to list the ebay returns that were coming back so we could keep them separate, we also added new stock on there as well. But this site was only c.£3k a month. We haven't had the time to really list and add more inventory, however, it had 100% feedback and was run as well as the others. Last week we received an email from eBay on this site that our listings were suspended and pulled and that they required info from us. I spoke with an eBay rep who said we needed to prove our business and had to supply an invoice, proof of ID and proof of address. Maybe I just thought this was a formality since this small account was linked to our bigger sites. I uploaded these, but didn't notice that the invoice didn't have the address of the supplier. A genuine mistake. Our eBay account was then indefinitely suspended and another 2 were suspended as well. We are still selling but listings not renewed after GTC. So after 1 month all listings will be gone. I asked eBay as to why the documents we submitted failed and they gave no reason just that they were not accepted (except ID) There has been no info back from them as to why they failed nor opportunity to argue my case and submit more supporting documents, which would be genuine, after all we are a family run genuine business supplying genuine products and running our accounts professionally. I have spoken with the Trust and safety team and There is no appeal to this decision and now we are left with no business as 90 % of revenue is through eBay. Has anyone experienced this type of thing.? Research on line suggests this punishment is for the most severe cases like counterfeit goods and mis selling. I am struggling to find what we have done wrong, if the documents were not adequate then surely we should have been given another opportunity to argue our case.?? eBay say that this was raised because we changed our username when we set up 8 months ago???, which most people do after setting up a new account. Also that we had 2 items not received cases opened up, dealt with the same day. This triggered an alert at their end

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Stressed! I can't believe how our business has gone in the space of a week.
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Re: Ebay indefinite suspension
28 Aug 2019
Im sorry to hear about your troubles with eBay.

eBay suspensions are usually for a limited period in which case you would wait out the suspension period and avoid making the same mistake again. Indefinite suspension is much harder/ impossible to overturn. In most cases an indefinite suspension is preceded by a string of limited time suspension (7/10 or 30 days)

Are you able to share with us the information eBay sent to you regarding this? It may shed some more light on the situation.

Should all else fail there is plenty of other marketplaces out there and you have some time to get accounts up and running before the busy winter period starts. I know this isnt what you expected to be doing but all is not lost!

Keep us posted
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Re: Ebay indefinite suspension
4 Sep 2019

The sad experience of suspension on eBay upset me now I trade on asushit.com

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