End all auctions with one button?

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End all auctions with one button?
13 Sep 2004
I have been searching for a company/program/feature for my auctions:

1) Would like to end all fixed price auctions or store auctions or buy it now auctions by pressing one button?
2) Enter a line in all auctions like company closed for vacation until sept 2, 2004, no emails will be responded to then be able to remove all that line at a later date
3) Be able to end multiple auctions by item number, I now use the eBay feature and have to end auctions one by one.

I have searched for above options on auctions and cant find them but know they exist.
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Re: End all auctions with one button?
13 Sep 2004
(1) and (3) The only service I know of is www.vrane.com/bomb.html - you enter your user ID then check the boxes of auctions you want to end.

(2) Adding a message to all auctions when you list them is a common feature of listing and auction management programs. Removing or changing the line later is not so easy. It should be possible to do it using an image file:

1. Create an image that contains your message and host it on your own web space
2. Add the image to all your auctions when you list them, without specifying the image size
3. When you want the message to be removed, replace the image with a 1x1 pixel invisible gif

Javascript should also work for this but that is more technical.

Hope that helps!
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