Clamping down on private sellers

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Clamping down on private sellers
11 May 2010
eBay are now blocking the activity of private sellers who list numerous items.
You may just be selling off a large collection of records or football shirts or any line of collectibles because you need the money.

There appears to be something now built into ebay's system that monitors bulk listing and decides at some point that you are doing business.
It acts as judge and jury and instantly penalizes you
You can be in the middle of something and all of the sudden you are blocked by a message telling you to upgrade your account to business seller.
You'll find that you can no longer list or even edit existing listings although you can end listings early if you want.
There doesn't appear to be any way around it
You could try emailing them but experience tells me that getting your point across and getting a result (if your lucky) can take a very long time and can lead to hair loss

Business sellers can no longer get free listing for 99c items (its £0.99 here in UK) and wont be eligible for free listing days
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Re: Clamping down on private sellers
19 May 2010
eBay has been changing the way they do business for the last few years. I have a registered business with 6500 positive feedback. I have had several of the same issues with ebay even though I subscribe to the basic store level as well.

The problems with editing your listings fall when someone has bid on an item or the item has less than 24 hours before ending. If you cannot revise an item and it has bids, you will have to cancel all bids and then revise your item.

The biggest problem with ebay is that they are not producting customers. Lately, I have been paying ebay 70% of my profits to ebay to cover fees. Two years ago, I was able to easily make money on ebay. Every time I did an internet search for an item, ebay had advertisements on the top, sides, and bottom of all pages. They used to advertise on television and occasionally on radio. Now, good luck finding ebay anywhere.

If you are having trouble with ebay, let them go. Lately ebay has been running their own business into the ground with shoddy business practices. Use Craig's List, local free classifieds, etc. If you do want to advertise nationally, Amazon is kicking ebay's butt in sales.

Let's all do ebay a favor and let them fail. The fees are too high for the way they treat you.
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Re: Clamping down on private sellers
22 May 2010
As soon as eBay realize that have reduced a once fun environment to a sterile boring chore the better. Really though, they just plain don't care about it as long as they can increase their (now falling) revenue.

Dumb, stupid (now reversed) FREE P&P on books, records etc was a complete disaster for many sellers. Zero seller protection against rogue buyers. Mindblowingly stupid DSR's that buyers just don;t understand.

Ebay just want the mammoth sellers with 100% "buy it now" listings. The private seller who made the site what are being driven away in huge numbers.

If it were a horse it would have been shot ages ago.
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Re: Clamping down on private sellers
26 May 2010
The thing it I know people who have been selling on here for year and not paying any taxs and still getting dol money as well that it what the proplem is. IT is not the people selling off a large collection of records of other items it is the ones who are playing the system which are the problem, the tax office is alway checking eBay sites as it so easy to check so they get it in the neck all the time it is not ebay they just need to follow the rules.
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Re: Clamping down on private sellers
9 Jun 2010
I find that it is very wrong of them to do this to genuine privarte sellers but they have to keep to there polices im sure one day there will be another auction site just as big as eBay one day.

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