Need web-based auction management alternatives suggestion

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Need web-based auction management alternatives suggestion
6 Jun 2010
Hi there,

Excuse me for asking the thousands times asked questions, but I really have no idea which one to use.

We are a newly established company, and we are going to sell on eBay UK, eBay US, Amazon, and our own e-Commerce websites. Currently, we are using Kyozou, unfortunately, there are too many glitches in kyozou, and the customer service almost is nonexistence, it is so frustrating so, we want an alternatives.

Through my researching, there are few web-based auction management service can meet our multi-channel needs, eseller pro seems good but too expensive.The review and rating of Cascade, ChannelMAX, Infopia, and Channel Advisor seems terrible, looks like they are much worse than kyozou.

So any ideas? If you are a user of any websites above, could share your experience please?

Any help will be appreciated.


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