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13 Sep 2004
I was searching for the developer of software I own but that no longer functions, called My Email Buddy.

If you put in a key word or product category it would find the usernames for bidders in that category. It would also sort off the email addresses from the usernames. Is there any software that does that, or does any one know where I can contact the MyEmailBuddy programmers?
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Re: MyEmailBuddy
13 Sep 2004
eBay have made several changes which make it very difficult to do what you want: you can no longer use an email address as your username; you cannot get an eBay user's email address unless you are involved in a transaction with them; and misuse of the "Contact an eBay Member" tool can result in being banned from eBay. The changes might explain why MyEmailBuddy no longer functions!

While there are some good searching tools available, none of them will extract email addresses from eBay, to the best of my knowledge.
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