Best Listing & Management Software

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Best Listing & Management Software
28 Jun 2010
We want to list on eBay in several countries (UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, USA) and be able to manage the selling process (including our OSCommerce webshop).
We will probably list no more than 300 items at a time at an average price of £100 per item.
We would like to be able to set up automatic e-mails to customers (thanks for ordering, your item has been sent, please pay, please leave feedback), enable automatic re-listing, integration with Sage Line 50, couriers (Fedex, DPD).
We have looked at Channel Advisor and others, but they are too costly.
Can anyone help?
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Re: Best Listing & Management Software
29 Jun 2010

Can I ask you how much are the fees for ChannelAdvisor? What would you consider to be more reasonable?

Also, when you list on these various eBay websites do you have to deal with different currencies?

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Re: Best Listing & Management Software
30 Jun 2010
Fees for Channel Advisor are
Set up, training... - £500
Minimum monthly fee - £300
Transaction fee - 1%

This was far too much and the software is "cloud" that I do not like.
I have looked at software costing £15 or £20 a month but am not sure how good they are, hence the thread.

We deal in 3 currencies - USD, £, €
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Re: Best Listing & Management Software
11 Sep 2010
We used Channel Advisor for 1 year. Too expensive and people do not like the 3rd party checkout. If you are just doing eBay, then Blackthorne is pretty good. For your emails, we use Vendio's service for the emails and gallery. It is currently free for us (I do not recall any restrictions) and everything is automated and customizable. Best of Luck.