Best way to bulk list on ebay

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Best way to bulk list on ebay
22 Aug 2010
Hi, I am also trying to figure out the best way to bulk list items on eBay. I see sellers who have thousands of listings up and am wondering how they are doing this. Especially if each item is unique. So if someone had 5,000 unique items (Let's say collectible coins), how does someone list these 5,000 items fast? I've been looking around and saw that there is a program called File Exchange that ebay offers for free. Don't know too much about it at this point, I just wanted to see what people use to bulk list items. I would of course also like to be able to schedule the items for free also. Any input would be appreciated.
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Re: Best way to bulk list on ebay
26 Aug 2010
Hi. I do not know of a really "fast" way to list 5000 unique items...if they are really unique. Creating descriptions take time. At the least you have to modify the SKU. If you are making a similar listing of related items, say, colors of guitar picks :-) you can create a template and bulk load with many types of software. Best of luck, Jack
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Re: Best way to bulk list on ebay
14 Nov 2010
Hi Sopraman,

As the previous responder said its the description that is the issue.

That said we are investigating this for a well known shower brand whereby they have several channels not just eBay and their website and they wish to post onto facebook and twitter as well to encourage more sales/exposure. One idea we have had and are reviewing is to see if you can generalise the description across all or some categories. See if you can do this?



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