Some "usermane" is requesting a "username".

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Some "usermane" is requesting a "username".
25 Aug 2010
I did not expect this to happen with my wordpress blog. I do not know if it is just users stupidity or if it is spammers trying to break into my blog. Either way, it is something that needs fixing. Apparently people are trying to log in without registering.

I have been getting annoying email messages that say essentially:

SoAndSo ( has requested a username at MyWebForumAndBlog

To approve or deny this user access to MyWebForumAndBlog go to...

That is not exactly what it says, but you get the idea. Click here ] to see an actual message.

So I am guessing that what is happening is that someone just clicks on "log in" and then requests a password instead of clicking on Register. But there are so many of these messages that I have to wonder if this is a spam bot.

On the other hand, the message says it is requesting a username, not a password. So this is some sort of wordpress spam and trick someone is using where they are bypassing the normal login.

And it does not make sense. Think of it. Some "usermane" is requesting a "username". How do they do that?

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Re: Some "usermane" is requesting a "username".
26 Aug 2010
We get a lot of junk mail through our contact pages, all of a similar nature including a URL to check. I am pretty sure they are automated. Best, Jack
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Re: Some "usermane" is requesting a "username".
29 Aug 2010
Add a captcha to this process so bots won't be able to access this feature easily.

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