Automating Ebay listings

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Automating Ebay listings
26 Aug 2010
We are looking for an eBay software solution that allows us to do the following:

1) Import product data (Product name, description) from our mysql inventory database system.

2) Use an HTML template that we have created and integrate the variables we pull from our database plus pricing we research and an image we host.

3) List the item as above on Ebay US and in our store.

We currently are using File Exchange to accomplish this, but for each item there is 12 steps to get the item information from our system, into the template, convert the template into single line html, add to the file exchage file in excel, and the send the file. Since we are listing items in our inventory that are older than a certain time frame (items that have not sold within 30 days in our other channels) we would like to be able to run a script we create on our main database that pulls out the product that fits the above requirements into it's own table (or another database), have it import into the software, use our template (most of our info is static anyway), and create the listing where all we need to do is add the pricing and press list.

I have been looking around for a while for a solution that will do this, but cant find anything. We could use the ebay API and have our programmer build our own, but I feel that there has to be a solution out there that already does this. There are some solutions that integrate with certain CRM systems, but our system is smaller and not supported.

So I am coming to you guys for any recommendations. I saw on here some recommendations for MarketBlast since you can import from .csv files, but it seems like that program has vanished off the face of the earth.

So, any ideas? I can provide more information if necessary.

Thanks in advance.

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