Can the below hack be done? power seller unite does not know

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Can the below hack be done? power seller unite does not know
3 Sep 2010
I have seen a book out on amazon called ebay hacks. While not a power seller I sometimes get frustrated that I cannot do certain things on Ebay. What I wanted to do to increase sales is somehow get ebay to allow you to set up more than one subtraction for multiple postage deductions. Instead of just charging £1.00 less than the first item post rate, for all my other items, I wanted to set up other profiles for the same item on that same listing. Eg-

£1.00 2nd item , 80p 3rd item, 60p 4th item etc. Obviously I could take this off when adjusting the invoice but it would be quicker not to have to do this all the time. I assume the reason that ebay hacks are used is for such occasions like this example which is why I mention it. It may be that its not much interest to any one else but I thought I'd throw it out there to see if any one enjoys this subject.

Thanks David.
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Re: Can the below hack be done? power seller unite does not
9 Sep 2010

I don't think there is a way to do what you are saying with eBay checkout. eBay's combined shipping profiles are very restrictive. I think your only option is to use a 3rd party checkout.

As an example you can say subtract $2 for each additional item. If your domestic shipping is $5 and you take $2 off the buyer would pay $3 for shipping, 40% discount. However, if on the same item you have international shipping of say $15, $2 off is $13, that is only 13%, not much savings for the international buyer.

Similarly, if you say $3 for each additional item, charging $3 for domestic may be fine but for international, you would go broke.

For me the most frustrating thing is that you can not simply say, each additional item is 40% off, this would work for both domestic and international.

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Re: Can the below hack be done? power seller unite does not
11 Sep 2010
Ebay shipping can be difficult sometimes. What we have done is to just set up flat rate shipping for each item and then setup a multi ship discount. For us, it worked best to give a 50% discount off of shipping on each additional item. Ebay will automatically charge the highest shipping on the first item and then the remainder will charge the lower rate. So for example, we have a guitar pedal that is 1lb, we charge $13.99 for international. If they buy 2 pedals it is $19.98, and so on. Best, Jax Music Supply