How to set up own FTP/HOSTING for Listing Factory 2009?

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How to set up own FTP/HOSTING for Listing Factory 2009?
8 Sep 2010
Hi Guys,

I have tried to search all over Google on how to do this, but unfortunately nothing seems to come up.

I have Listing Factory 2009, but I cannot justify the price they are asking for a simple task of 'image hosting'. The price they charge is absolutely huge. I know that they would like some on-going profits, but it is much too high for me to easily justify. Sure, I Love the program, but I don't want to be spending such large amounts of money for something I Know does not cost so much..

Anyway, I go to the "FTP" tab in listing factory (accessed from the top-right side drop down arrow) and I enter in my website name, URL, user name, password, port and all of that, but it always errors out when uploading a listing to my own FTP and it never works.

Could someone perhaps explain exactly what needs to be put into each box, in what format, etc. I think I am getting most of it right, but I guess there is something that I am putting in the wrong spot, or in the wrong format, etc.

Please help,

Kindest of regards,

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