Order Management to integrate with CubeCart / Sage?

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Order Management to integrate with CubeCart / Sage?
11 Sep 2010
We're an online seller, established for 3 years with CubeCart (v3) website and eBay store. Currently we manage orders on a (very large) Excel spreadsheet, where we enter item, cost price, sale price, shipping information etc, to manage sales and keep track of:

- Profit Margins
- Items to ship/items shipped
- Items on order with suppliers
- Inventory

This is a very labour intensive process that involves entering every new sale, moving the item from stock, entering shipping information for each item that ships etc. We also want to grow further with an additional website, additional eBay store, Amazon, shopzilla sales etc. Managing all of this at higher volume on a spreadsheet is impossible.

We are looking at directly integrating the CubeCart backend with Sage Line 50 Professional (which has sales/inventory management). However, the problem is this does not offer listing supports for multiple sales channels etc, so ideally
I need a software that goes INBETWEEN CubeCart and Sage (to manage sales througn multiple channels, inventory and profit margins) and just uploads accounts related stuff to Sage when needed.

Does such a software exist? From what I can see for Linnworks, Cascade, Channel Advisor etc, they offer the "Multiple Listing" support but either don't work with Cube Cart or don't include a way of monitoring individual item profit margins. We need the ability to:

- Manage sales/inventory (with profit margins - so include cost price)
- Offer listing support for multiple sales channels
- Integrate with CubeCart V3
- Integrate with Sage (or at the least export to sage if the software offers cost price/margin monitoring somehow)

This conundrum is driving me mad, yet there must be a software that allows you to do this. Can anyone help?
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Re: Order Management to integrate with CubeCart / Sage?
12 Sep 2010

Have a look at Tradebox Finance Manager, www.tradebox.uk.com. It's an off the shelf application designed to import online sales data into Sage Accounts.
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