How to extract data from

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How to extract data from
14 Oct 2010
Does anybody know what happened to this program and the man that wrote it? His anme was Robert Yates. I have some old data that need to get to and it was off of his program, so I would like to get a copy of that program in order to access my info. OR...does any one know how to access it without his program?

I have to say that his was the best one I had tried, I really dont know why he didnt hang around.

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17 Oct 2010
I remember this program well, it went out of action five years ago which an age in this industry!

The only email address I have for Robert Yates uses the long-gone domain so will not work.

Do you know what format the data is in? If there are any .MDB files you might be able to open them with Microsoft Access.
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