AuctionLinc - October 2010 Release

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AuctionLinc - October 2010 Release
17 Oct 2010
We are pleased to announce the latest release of AuctionLinc which was rolled out yesterday. Here is the detailed list of features added to this release. We would like to thank all our customers who helped us determining the contents of this release.

Local Time Zone

You can now set up your time zone and have all the times in AuctionLinc be displayed in your converted local time. This helps sellers, especially outside United States, to keep track of listings using their local time instead of having to calculate local time from our server time (Eastern Standard Time).

This was a major pain point and we are happy to have finally addressed it.

Ability to bulk Schedule Items

You can now schedule multiple items in a Bulk Schedule dialog. In this dialog you can specify schedule time for each and every listing. , a big time saving rather than having to set schedule time by editing one listing at a time.

Re-launch same item multiple times

Many of our sellers asked for the ability to launch listings from Pending Grid and keep those listings intact in Pending Listings for next launch. This feature is especially useful for sellers who sell same item(s) over and over again. You can now select an option, when launching Listings, to keep a copy of the Listings in Pending mode even after they are launched.

Additional Listings Attributes available in Filters

You can now search Listing by SKU and Relist Rule being set or not. This suggestion came from one of our users and we realized that ability to filter listings by these additional attributes will be a big help.

Custom Item Specifics

AuctionLinc in the past did not offer the ability to specify Custom item specifics for your Listing. Well, this feature is finally available now. For Categories, that do offer Custom Item Specifics, sellers will be able to provide eBay recommended Item Specifics as well as define their own custom ones.

Import Listings from Turbo Lister

AuctionLinc now lets you import listings directly from Exported Turbo Lister CSV file. This is a great feature for sellers moving from TurboLister to AuctionLinc. All your imported Listings will show up under Pending Listings page.

Pre-fill Item Information

Sellers can now use Item Pre-fill feature to pre fill lot of information about their item using eBay's Catalog. Simply search for products in eBay's catalog and select the one you are selling. You can pre-fill Listing data like Item Specifics,Description and Main Product Image based on the product selected from the catalog.

For categories that support Item Pre-fill, you will see an option in the Listing Form to search for and select products from eBay's catalog.

Export Sales Transactions to CSV

AuctionLinc now lets you export your sales transactions to a CSV formatted file and download this file to your system. Sellers can use this CSV exported file to process orders and manage shipments.

Configure SKU/ Preview Image column in Listing Grids

You can now show/ hide SKU and Preview Image columns for your Listing and Sales History grids. Configure these preferences by going to My Account -- Settings page and then by going to Listing Settings section.

Disabling Image Preview can speed up the loading of listing grids especially when they are configured to show 50 or 100 items per page.

Image Folders

You can now manage your Images by controlling which Image Folder they go under. Image Folders works same way as Listing Folders. Simply select a Folder when uploading your Images and all your Images will be saved under that Images Folder.

a) Quick Action Links in Pending Listing grid to Edit and Preview and Item.
b) Quick Action Links in Sales History Grid to Enter Shipping Details, Add Notes and Contact Buyer.
c) Session Time