Quickerbuy –Simply And Efficient eCommerce Solution

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Quickerbuy –Simply And Efficient eCommerce Solution
16 Nov 2010
Nowadays the e-commerce is thriving day by day. You can quickly buy and sell what you want from internet. Obviously, doing online business in some well-known online markets like eBay and Amazon are harder than ever. And many people start their business in multiple websites so that their products can meet more demands. But when have two online stores, you must feel that it’s complicated to maintain your store. As the e-marketplace increased dramatically, you may want to setup more stores but lacking of energy for templates, inventory management, marketing, fulfillment, customer communications etc. More stores, more work. All of these turn you from a business man into a worker. You do repetitive work day after day. Let’s do online business more easily!
A multi-channel seller is taking full advantage the shopping oriented distribution opportunities available online. These channels include marketplaces, search engines, and shopping comparison sites. Quickerbuy’s multi-channel services enable you to get your products in front of more buyers and help you manage your ROI and increase profitability. Quickerbuy can help you find new customers on eBay, Amazon, Google and Yahoo search engines, Google Product Search, and shopping comparison engines like Shopzilla and Shopping.com.
What’re your needs?
Online business - Setup your online business quickly and efficiently
Vast markets - Sell and buy your products all over the world
Independent website – Build your own online store
Reasonable price - Negotiation with buyer or seller to get a more reasonable price
Powerful marketing - You can easily sell your products
Free platform - No various fees. Just start your online business for free
What do we offer?
All in One eCommerce - Manage all your stores in one marketplace and no duplicated work. Create your items once and sell through multiple marketplaces without complication. You can transfer your items to Quickerbuy or your own online store from other website. We support Quickerbuy, eBay, Amazon and more
Global trade – Quickerbuy serve all countries and support Multilanguage. No limits here!
Do real Business – Listing your items in our market and we bring real people together to buy sell, and swap. You can negotiate with sellers or buyers to meet your demands. You can also exchange your information and ideas in our community
Build your reputation - Keep your hard-earned reputation on other sites by transferring your items, feedbacks to Quickerbuy
Start your own website - We provide free hosting and top level domain to help build your own online store. You can build your website yourself, or use our free templates to start your site in minutes. You can even let us do it for you, and it’s also free. Please note that we also provide free transfer service for your website
Free Ads – All members can post your offer or want Ads in Quickerbuy for free
Efficient marketing – We help you expand your business to other selling channels like Google Base, Shopzilla, Shopping.com and list in more search engines. With our powerful and professional SEO team, you can easily see your goods list in the top of search engines. Remember that Quickerbuy only makes money base on your monthly marketplace sales. Every other service are free and for all.
Most affordable Fees –Quickerbuy only makes money base on your monthly marketplace sales.Please see below for a chart comparing Quickerbuy vs. Auctiva vs. Vendio vs. Auctiva vs. iOffer
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