Listing Factory Pro - Gallery PopUp Image Placement

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Listing Factory Pro - Gallery PopUp Image Placement
23 Nov 2010
I've sent 4 emails over the last two weeks, and two through the "contact us" form but have yet to get a response from Listing Factory Pro...

Hopefully someone on here can provide assistance.

I am having a problem with the gallery image feature of the program. Everything works great in the program but when I copy the script over to eBay the images enlarge further down then page then they should. How do I fix this? The enlarged images are not centered on the page the way they are supposed to be. This happens in Firefox, Safari and Explorer.


Thanks for your help!
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Re: Listing Factory Pro - Gallery PopUp Image Placement
2 Dec 2010
Hi, I had exactly the same problem with pop-up placement 12 months ago. I also emailed support several times but never received a reply. I stopped using the software.
I have just tried the link you provided and the pop-up appeared correctly on the page ! Have you found a way to solve it or is it different software ???
Regards, Gary

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