How to Earn Money Online

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Re: How to Earn Money Online
20 Nov 2011
I tried signing up with Quickerbuy, I have yet to get a confirmation email. Did resend two or three times and no luck. Yes, I gave the correct email, yes I checked spam and bulk mail, no I did not block emails. So any idea what it could be? United States
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Re: How to Earn Money Online
21 Nov 2011
I tried with selling items from dropshipping companies in eBay . However, I found tight competition and left. Now, thinking of creating my ebook and sell through clickbank

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Re: How to Earn Money Online
23 Nov 2011
I have been trying to earn money on line for the last few months, and i finally feel after 6months that am begining to make some real progress, you often hear the stastic that 95% of people who try to make a living on line fail, in my view this is likely true, in my opinion the real reason for this is for some reason when it comes to online people expect instant success, this was my first site on granite countertops.

This is a strange thing because in the offline world when you attempt to create a business from scratch you don't expect to make money for years, you are just happy to break even, however when it comes to an online business most people want instant profits, from my experience the real key to making money is learning the funamentals and putting them to action.

1) Learn keyword Research(how to find profitable long tail keywords with commercial intent).
2) Outsource all your articles to a good writer(writing takes a heck of a lot of time get someone else to do it and you will save yourselve hours)
3) Use wordpress for all your sites(it's easy to learn, check out youtube loads of training videos.).
4)Learn SEO(if you don't know how to get your site into the first page of google forget it you wouldn't make a penny).
5) Most important stick to one system and try to make that work, stop jumping from one thing to another,
you will never succed if you are always chasing the next rainbow, focus all your efforts on one system and you will see results.
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Re: How to Earn Money Online
24 Nov 2011
Hi there all,

What a great reply hannahj and i think you "nailed" it with your last point which in my view is the number of reason for failure.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for two years now and am starting to learn how to make websites make money. The key for me was to take all my knowledge and outline a plan for me and stick to it. I was used to buy courses and ebooks and there was a information overflow that I had to block so I could make progress.

I think that when people go into AM there is so many that are willing to teach you something for your money and they all promise to make you rich. You then stick to that plan for 1-2 months before you go to the next on.

1. Learn SEO
2. Experiment with conversions
3. Sick to a single plan and be patient.

All the best,
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Re: How to Earn Money Online
25 Nov 2011
According to the number of links here, a lot of people know how to earn money online here!..
One, two, three... blanchiment des dents !
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Re: How to Earn Money Online
26 Nov 2011
I think promoting for Amazon is one of the best ways to get started. When you send people there they have so much to choose from you can expect a decent conversion rate.
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Re: How to Earn Money Online
30 Nov 2011
I think that the best way is to create multiple sources of income. this mean combine few of the suggestion here. for example:

Building a web site and put adsense and sell Amazon products.

The key point is to provide quality and useful content.
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Re: How to Earn Money Online
2 Dec 2011
Great topic! For I am in the making money online niche. It's an incredible opportunity to earn money even while you sleep. I know of a blogger who makes $30,000 a month and doesn't sell a single product. How insane is that!?

Here are some ways that I've learned to make massive amounts of money online...

-Affiliate Marketing: the blogger I mentioned above makes all his money through affiliate marketing. He writes about online marketing. He's been doing it for so long that he knows the ins and outs of the business. Then he recommends people to products he himself uses. As a result the affiliate partner rewards him with a commission. Not so bad if you say so yourself.

-Own product: everyone I hear is always saying to own your own product. That its the best way to make massive amounts of money. I know of another blogger who makes 11 Million dollars a year with an ebook. The secret is that he promotes his affiliate program extensively. And as a result he has hundreds of thousands of people promoting his product. Free traffic for his site and more sales.

-Google Adsense: lots of people are in the business of starting small niche sites, slapping on some adsense code and then reaping the click commissions. This is a great way to start earning money online fast. And its so easy to do. Once your site is making about $30 bucks a month, you could then list it on flippa and earn about $700 dollars for selling the site. Not bad, not bad. Great topic. This topic is awesomeness!
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Re: How to Earn Money Online
7 Dec 2011
I am relatively new to internet marketing, but have been studying it for about a year, applying it for about 3 months. I find the most difficult part is staying focused on one approach. There are so many different marketing angles that you can do online, it's hard to stick with just one, refine it and make it hum with all of the enticing offers from other marketers. It appears the new trend is mobile; might be a good thing, reduce the amount of competition online . Right now I'm focusing on niche markets though like horse saddles, Earthlite Spirit massage tables, musical instruments etc. I've also created a few simple adsense sites that bring in a few bucks, nothing to brag about though.

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