Search the right auction software

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Search the right auction software
7 Dec 2010
Hello together!
I am not an expert of auction software, but I am looking for a real professional one, so maybe you can help me, I am looking for following features:

- Normal auctions like on Ebay (Also with "Buy it now")
- Multilingual support (Users can setup their prefered language)
- Reverse or dutch auctions (like on , when someone is looking for a service, and so the lowest price gets the auction)
- CMS system

I don´t mind spending a lot of money for it, I just can´t find a quite good overview, and I believe you guys have much more experience.

With best regards

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Re: Search the right auction software
11 Dec 2010
There are several options for run-your-own-auction software, take a look at this thread
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