Bulk eMailing Existing Ebay Customers

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Bulk eMailing Existing Ebay Customers
29 Dec 2010

I have 5,500 emails that I have gathered over the past year by selling physical goods on eBay.uk so I have signed up for Aweber as a bulk emailer
I now have a website and would like to be able email my existing customers once a month with new product news and include in the email a link to the new website, something like the way Amazon email their customers.

AWeber themselves are very restrictive as to what I can do and don't seem to allow me to email my customers as this would be for Aweber a direct first time contact, and thus not allowed.
I am probably reading AWeber's instructions wrong, becuse I get these type of emails all the time from people I have bought Items from on eBay, so there must be some way it can be done.

I wonder if you would be kind enough to point me in the right direction

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Re: Bulk eMailing Existing Ebay Customers
10 Jan 2011
I know it doesn't answer your question directly,. but you should consider trying mailchimp.com. It's the best email program I've seen and you can easily import emails as you've described (we do it all the time like this). And no, I am of course not affiliated with mail chimp.

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