Anyone heard or used

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Re: Anyone heard or used
3 Apr 2011
UK sellers might be interested to know that SolidCommerce replied to my email yesterday stating that they do not currently support
Seller on and amazon uk. Looking for cart and multichannel solution.
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Re: Anyone heard or used
18 Sep 2011
Turned out to be an $800 mistake for us. Customer service and support are the best for sure, but, the ease of using the program is very undesirable, especially if you have new hires. Takes weeks to learn it, and with our busy schedule closing over a thousand sales a week, we did not really have enough time to fully learn it. We tried, but again, too intensive. On the 32nd day we decided its not for us, but it was 2 days beyond their trial period so a refund was out they said.
Also, with our sales volume it would cost us about $800-1000US per month in their commission structure.
Trying Vendio now, only $60US a month, flat fee and very easy to setup and use it seems.
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Re: Anyone heard or used
19 Sep 2011
I think many of these integration companies are just not worth it. I certainly have no problem paying a monthly fee for a decent service but giving a percentage of sales is just ridiculous. I made the mistake of using Channel Advisor for a year. What a waste of money. We ended up writing our own system to synch eBay and our Volusion website. We are working on integrating Amazon which should be done early next month. That will cover 90% of our online sales.
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Re: Anyone heard or used
21 Sep 2011
I've been using SolidCommerce for several months now & for me, it's been well worth the money. It does a good job managing my inventory across eBay, Amazon, & my Volusion store. The percentage of sales is definitely something to consider, but at least they don't charge a percentage on your website sales (only eBay, Amazon, Even with the percentage of sales, they are no where close to what ChannelAdvisor charges (not to mention they don't have a ridiculous contract like ChannelAdvisor).

Their customer support is good & they even extended my 30-day trial out to 60-days. But that was arranged prior to the 30-day period. If you had contacted them prior to the 30-days expiring, I bet they would have worked with you.

The biggest downside to SolidCommerce is that it is not user friendly at all. You HAVE to use EXCEL to upload your data into SolidCommerce. Otherwise, you will not get the benefit of the software. I've created an Access database that will generate my Excel files to upload into SolidCommerce, so it's relatively painless for me now (took some time to set up though).