Listing Factory full review.

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Listing Factory full review.
31 Jan 2011
Ok when I first bought this I had a few headaches,but it transpired that Mcaffe security centre was still running on my system and was blocking FTP's so it was an issue with my system and not Listing Factory.
Ok thats out the way what do I think of Listing Factory now that I have used it ?
In all honesty,I have to say it is a brilliant piece of software,I'm a programmer myself(I make softsynths) and I think the program is really good?
Because it is just so intuitive to use,you never have to wonder what something is for or how to do something-its childs play to operate.
have you have ever looked at some eBay adds and thought wow I wish I could make adds that look like that?If the answer is yes then this software will blow your hair back,its childsplay to make adds that just grab peoples attention.

The big selling point for me was the templates,when I seen the templates on Listing Factories web page I thought yeah,they look brilliant.
When you use the software you click a little button and all the templates in thumbnail size will be presented to you,you then just click the template you want and then click load into editor button.Simple as that.The hardest part about it is actually deciding which template you want, because there are loads and most of them are very exciting and visually striking,some are understated but sometimes thats a good thing to have-I suppose its all dependent upon what you are selling.All in all the templates are beautiful and by far the best I have seen in any other listing generator and I have used a few.

When you look at the price of this software you have to think that it is really good value for money, because lets face it the price they ask is not alot of money is it? I've spent more on a curry.
The thing to realise is the adds this makes will increase your sales on ebay,absolutley no question about it so it will soon pay for itself over and over again.

My overall ratings are as follows:

Ease of use 10 out 10-They could not have made this any easier.If you can point and click a mouse you can make ebay adds to rival any HTML programming whizzkid.

Value for money 10 out of 10-its cheap as chips.

Templates I will give it a 9 only because I felt there are lots of striking graphical templates but a few more would be great.

Customer support could be improved but,I think Art and his team are working on that.He did contact me regarding my initial problem I had with it because I was blowing steam out my ears,but the problem as I say was being caused by my system and not theirs so I did calm down.

Overall I would have no problems in recommending this software to anyone who wants to really see their ebay sales increase.
Once they quicken up getting back to peoples emails this company and product will fly big time.Mark my words.

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