Wondering if there is a better life outside inkFrog/Highwire

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Wondering if there is a better life outside inkFrog/Highwire
12 Feb 2011
Currently using inkFrog with Highwire store. It's actually not that bad, particularly the Inkfrog lister, but the Highwire store, which is on our own domain, I wish we could take to the next level.

We sell individual one of a kind items and have about 1200 actives on eBay right now and about 500 in our Highwire store. Also have about 50 on another ebay id.

When something sells on ebay, we manually update with our highwire store, and vice versa. That's annoying but it's not killing us, yet.

The thing I dislike about Highwire is pretty small stuff, but as our store is growing, I don't want these things to impede us. I'm heavily marketing this store and people are coming in, so we want it to be perfect.
1. The photos look a little blurry until you click on them and make them big, and there is no solution for this yet.
2. Also, when you search the store, it searches titles AND descriptions, giving you a lot of things you don't want in your results. That is not fixable as of now, I was told.

I was considering Vendio, but from what I have read here, not really considering it. I can't believe how much cheaper highwire is than some of these other sites. But we will pay good money for a listing site connected to a highwire like store that can make our store shine!

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Re: Wondering if there is a better life outside inkFrog/High
12 Feb 2011
Sounds to me like you need a complete marketplace solution to manage inventory across different platforms. Unfortunately, I don't think you will find one that integrates with your Highwire store.

The marketplace solutions such as SolidCommerce, Vendio, ChannelAdvisor, Infopia, Kyozou, etc all pretty much require you to use their cart system for your website (or another specific 3rd part cart).

You may want to check out some of the order management systems like StoneEdge or Linnworks. I am not really familiar with these, but it might be what you are looking for.

Otherwise, if you are familiar with working with DataBases, then you could create a database with all of your product data then generate export files to send your product data to inkFrog, highwire, etc (assuming they allow for bulk imports). You would still have to manually manage your inventory, but at least when you can enter your product data once for use in all marketplaces.
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Re: Wondering if there is a better life outside inkFrog/High
13 Feb 2011
Integration across platforms is a major issue. It is difficult to maintain proper inventory in all marketplaces. We finally ended up with X-Cart for our website and wrote our integration for eBay to keep inventory straight. We are working on getting Amazon integrated fully - probably in the next couple of months.

We used Channel Advisor for a year. It works well (although their basic website sucks) and is way too expensive. Zoovy talks a good game but found it lacking in service and technology. For these marketplaces to work, you probably have to have close to $1M a year in sales with a decent margin. We were paying about $1000 a month for channel advisor and had almost no control over the website and made it difficult to implement SEO.

Good luck.

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