Bargain hunting software (alternative to munnin)

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Bargain hunting software (alternative to munnin)
13 Feb 2011

I have been using Munnin for a while and it meets my needs perfectly but its stopped working and I havent had any response from the support team.

Is there any other software I cna use?

I need the software to be able to search eBay UK for newly listed buy it now items every minute or less and notify me by email that a new item has been listed that has met my criteria.

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Re: Bargain hunting software (alternative to munnin)
18 Feb 2011
Hi, check out this thread:

It's old but may still be accurate
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Re: Bargain hunting software (alternative to munnin)
15 Mar 2011
Hi, hitman3253

AuctionSensor searches eBay for latest BuyItNow items and ending soon auctions.

You can find more information here at auctionsoftwarereview directory.
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Re: Bargain hunting software (alternative to munnin)
10 Sep 2011

Buyer Auction Manager searches for newly posted "Buy It Now" listings on eBay every few seconds. You can also set it up, to notify you by e-mail when new results are found.

I've created this software because I couldn't find anything similar that would do what I wanted and I thought that searching for newly posted BIN listings was one of a few ways to find bargains on eBay. I use sniping every time I bid on auctions, but you usually do not get a good deals that way because everybody else has the chance to place their bid before the auction ends. With "Buy It Now", whoever finds the deal first, gets it.

You can download this FREE eBay buyer software here.


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