Any selling platform for integrated circuits?

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Any selling platform for integrated circuits?
14 Feb 2011
I have a lot of (old) ICs Integrated Circuits. (Also, crazy piles of capacitors and resistors, etc. but let us concentrate on the ICs.) Is there a website where an average citizen with these items can sell them to buyers? I fear they would just get lost buried or unseen on "eBay", even moreso on "craigslist". seems like the kind of site I am after, but I would like to sell to buyers in the USA.
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Re: Any selling platform for integrated circuits?
23 Feb 2011
Actually, eBay may be a good place to sell the IC's as far getting exposure to your items. As long as people are searching for the parts you are listings they should come up. The eBay listing can even come up on google, etc. The only down side is that eBay listing fees may be prohibitive.
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Re: Any selling platform for integrated circuits?
3 Mar 2011
I don't know of any IC specific site, but eBay may be your answer if you do it right. eBay gets LOTS of exposure...especially for someone looking to buy used electronics.

For eBay, it comes down to the title - this is what you are paying for & you need to put anything here that someone would search for when looking for your item (and make sure you use as much of the provided characters as you possibly can). For instance, I assume you have part numbers for these things, so you put that into your title & this will quickly sort you out from other items when someone searches for that part#.

If you have a lot of these things to sell, you can start selling on eBay & eventually you will be able to open an eBay store which gives you the ability to list items for 30-days fixed price for a very low fee. I pay 5cents per listing at my store level, but I think you pay about 12cents per listing at entry store level.

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