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Seller tools (inc. consignment) for
9 Nov 2004

I note with interest the recent Trading Assistant software release from Noble Spirit/Meridian ( but am advised that this package only operates with the not Shame as appears to be a good package.

Suggestions of powerful seller tools that operates with eBay UK site would be most welcomed. Although interested in selling tools in general, I'd be particularly interested in learning of software that accomodates the selling third party goods (i.e. records who is owner of good being listed and related commissions).

Many thanks
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Re: Seller tools (inc. consignment) for
12 Nov 2004
Hi Ross,

The market for consignment selling software is very limited at the moment. Take a look at this thread for more information. The newest entrant is Infopia Marketplace Manager but that too is US only.

I believe that most UK consignment sellers supplement their auction management software with their own record keeping (e.g. Excel spreadsheets), which is not ideal.

Does anyone else have a suggestion?

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