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24 Mar 2011
hi guys,

im new here and this is my first post.. and its a question.. or three. arent they all?
anyway, ive been using ebay for a long time on and off (whenever i mention ebay i have to really focus and not go off on a tangent about how things have changed for the worse!!) and despite its drawbacks (see above parenthesis) its been pretty good for me. on occasion it has been the one thing that has kept me afloat financially. im digressing, sorry.
one of my bugbears is picture fees. i sell used items so i like to include enough images to give buyers as much information as possible. but this is expensive!
so.. is there a way to avoid this? ive looked at Auctiva and since they started charging thats not an option. im aware that there are a few image hosting sites around but are they the right option? most seem to necessitate the viewer clicking on an image and then having to wait for it to load? also they dont offer listing templates so the whole thing can look a little wooly. at the moment im using Turbo Lister which gives me the opportunity to bulk upload and to schedule listings and also to use a little code here and there to brighten things up a bit (very basic stuff i have to say). but still im a slave to the picture fees!
my other question is - ecommerce sites.. do they work?
i tried freewebstore for a while but my stuff kept getting bumped from google shopping with no explanation and, to be honest, i found the whole process confusing. the theory was great and the fees very fair in my opinion but it never really worked for me because i didnt understand enough about the technical issues involved.
any help and or advice will be very gratefully received. oh, and answers in plain english please. just assume i am, like, eight years old!! ...
actually, better make that five! my 9 yr old daughter dances around a computer like shes playing hopscotch!
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Re: HELP!!
24 Mar 2011
Hi chimera, and welcome

Try The Seller Sourcebook, they are well regarded and do image hosting, scheduling, listing templates etc.

ecommerce is quite technical - you have to understand many issues that are handled for you when selling on eBay. When you are doing well on eBay and your process is efficient then consider Amazon or other marketplaces and perhaps ecommerce.

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Re: HELP!!
24 Mar 2011
Thanks Andy!

Just had a wee look at the site and it seems like just what i need! The subscription rates are fair too. Going to check it out properly tomorrow.
If i join up ill pop back to let everyone know how i got on.

thanks again.
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Re: HELP!!
18 Apr 2011

There are two ways to go with hosting your images outside eBay.

One - Use a photo bucket account and add the URL's to your description, this will show the images in your description.

If you want the same to look more professional, get a custom listing template and then again host your images using PhotoBucket and then add the URL's to the custom listing template.

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