Description writing software...does something exist?

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Description writing software...does something exist?
11 May 2011
I sell unique clothing items (vintage) in high quantity online. I have short cuts that I use when writing descriptions (like copying & pasting older descriptions and changing them around for color and material etc.) But I am looking for an actual software that does this. I want something that I can just check boxes for color, type of material, size, quality and then have it turned into an attractive description.

Is there something like that out there? Thank you!
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SixBit Software
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Re: Description writing software...does something exist?
26 May 2011
Hi Bonny,

I think our SixBit eCommerce Solution should be able to do what you'd like.

You could define custom fields for the things that are specific to each clothting item like Size, Type, Color, Material, etc.

Then you would create a Description Wrapper that simply created a template around your custom fields. For instance, you could have something like...

"This is a [[Color]] [[Type]], size [[Size]]. It is made out of [[Material]]."

If you set this Description Wrapper as the default, then every new item you created would simply require you to enter the color (green), type (dress), size (12) and material (cotton). The Description wrapper would handle building the rest and you'd get...

This is a green dress, size12. It is made out of cotton.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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