Choosing a shopping cart software

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Choosing a shopping cart software
12 May 2011
Hi everyone, I'm currently seliing t-shirts on eBay..spending alot of time managing my store, clients, suppliers and all and I'm looking for a shopping cart software that will enable me to evlove and sell on more channels and also will have some powerfull managing tools for suppliers, customers, orders.

I found BigCommerce, Volusion and Izzonet and I don't know which one to choose..also I wil be happy to receive more recommandations.

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Re: Choosing a shopping cart software
12 May 2011

Actually I'm currently trying those 3

I really like Volusion for their Customer Service reps for presale as I'm still considering them

And Izzonet for their cool features
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Re: Choosing a shopping cart software
14 May 2011
We have tried numerous carts and services including OS Commerce, Candypress,Network Solutions, Channel Advisor (nightmare), and currently running X-Cart on Hostgator. However, next week we will be launching our Volusion store. We have been working on our new site for about 6 weeks. We have found it very easy to use and feature packed. Like all such things, there are things we would do differently - for instance you can only have 2 flat shipping rates, 1 for your local area (which you can define) and 1 for everywhere else. We'd prefer to have this unlimited or at least 3 but most people wouldn't have a problem.

Their import/export feature is really excellent and the service experience has been quite good. It is also pretty affordable - $99 a month for 5000 skus and no selling fees. Good training videos and I found most of my questions answered on their knowledge base, which saves a lot of time. It is also compatible with ShipWorks and other management software, including quickbooks.

We also looked at Big Commerce but they had a key piece missing - no Application Programming Interface (API), to interact with their system. Since we need to synchronize inventory across multiple platforms (eBay, Amazon,etc.), the API is necessary for us to program the synchronizations.

We will see how it goes long term but with our experience this has been the smoothest launch process ever.

Best of luck.
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Re: Choosing a shopping cart software
16 May 2011
My experience has been is that it is very difficult to evaluate solutions without actually using them. Most offer a free trial so I would highly encourage taking advantage of that. If they don't have a free trial, ask them if you can have a temporary login. I realize this adds some extra work but I really thin kit is worth it since this is your business.
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Re: Choosing a shopping cart software
5 Jun 2011
It really depends whether you want hosted shopping cart or own it yourself.

Hosted carts are easy to setup and get going, however they are quite restrictive and can be quite a handful when something isn't working the way you need.

Owning your own cart gives you freedom to do whatever you like with it, however it requires some technical knowledge.

There are plenty of hosted solutions around, best ones are
3dCart shopping cart and BigCommerce is quite good, and if it wasn't for the lack of read/write API I would recommend it. I also heard it can be slow.

When it comes to owning your own, there is nothing better than Magento - however it can be quite a beast to manage and you will need your own dediated server for it.

AspDotNetStorefront is also very powerful and much better when it comes to performance, but setting up is even more difficult.

osCommerce, zencart, X-Cart etc are easy to install and run - but they are not designer for seriouse e-commerce needs