Andale & Seller's Assistant Pro - detailed reviews

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Andale & Seller's Assistant Pro - detailed reviews
15 Dec 2004
This is my ebay store:

  • I have a very high rate of combined sales
  • I do a large number of international sales.
  • Sell a combination of single unique items and items for which a have quantity (usually only 1 or 2 of each)
  • I run this business with one employee who works 20 to 30 hours a week, plus one after school kid who does packages.
  • I like to use html in my descriptions and would like an interactive html view for that section (I am willing to change from table to bullets if it will lay out nicely, this may solve the problem)
  • I need to be able to write unique listings FAST!!
  • I need a place for item cost and for an inventory number which I generate myself
  • I am high tech, I do not want to manually back check anything....continued...
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    Re: Andale & Seller's Assistant Pro - detailed rev
    15 Dec 2004
  • The Ebay mentality to force the customers to pay right away. I want the customers to hang around and buy more stuff, they will. BUT I have a huge battle. I can only afford to give them combined shipping if the items actually ship in one package, and if pay pal only wacks me for one of those 0.30 charges. They are all worried about me giving bad feedback if they do not pay right away. People need to be able to easily pay for there items and have to be encouraged to only do so when they are done shopping. If they pay for each item separate then I get charged for an extra 0.30 for each payment and I wind up with multiple invoices. It is too hard to keep track of multiple invoices, we cannot match them up for shipping. I wind up mailing separate. I wont keep doing it.
  • I want to lower my fees
  • I want to write those listings fast, and I want them to be consistent. I love the table in the description, it saves time, but I need an html viewer for entering in it.
  • I need a place for cost and an inventory number for each item
  • Those international customers are a big part of my business, they need to see things in there own language. If it cannot be provided, I need a quick way identify them and to figure out how to send them separate instructions in their language.
  • Who am I to argue with popular opinion. No one likes to have to enter their info. My customers do not want to re enter there name and address or there item numbers. They want to use Ebay checkout or something which looks and acts just like it. ...continued...
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    Re: Andale & Seller's Assistant Pro - detailed rev
    15 Dec 2004
    Problems with Sellers Assistant Pro:
  • Data often corrupted
  • I had in Sept (I have grown since then) exceeded the capacity of the SAP database which resulted in my data being unable to convert to a spread sheet
  • It took a LONG time to write a listing
  • I like to place tables in my descriptions, which meant that the fastest way to write ads with it was to copy a dummy ad with the table in it, and go back in and customize it for my particular item, which meant a lot of searching and picking through code.
  • Various different weird glitches from time to time
  • Poor Support Takes a long time to get back to you with no good answers
  • The occasional completely corrupted listing
  • The numbers which wound up in the sales data were always wrong, the shipping amounts which people paid were always messed up, meaning I would have to check pay pal against sap every day before shipment.
  • Cost of scheduled listings
  • Hard program to learn, hard to teach to employees
  • column headings not consistent from page to page or within pages
  • Combined sales stink, cannot uncombined once combined with this system, I used online ebay invoicing.(Which I love, ebay invoicing online great)
  • Pictures too expensive
  • No bulk edit for cost!!!
  • No editing in spreadsheet form
  • If using html code in description spell check useless
  • Can only easily re list one timeLikes w/ Sellers Assistant pro:
  • Live Update
  • Everything in one place
  • Very complex handling all situations can manage inventory numbers and cost
  • Being able to crop & lighten pic while writing listing
  • Able to manage most changes to multiple files well
  • Easy to find second chance offer opportunities
  • Easy to find items to re list the FIRST TIME they can be re listed. ..continued...
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    Re: Andale & Seller's Assistant Pro - detailed rev
    15 Dec 2004
    Problems with Andale Listings:
  • No live update (Big problem when you have 3,000 live listings and ebay changes wording requirements.
  • On line version too slow to be practical to use.
  • Only the On Line Version can launch Andale store ads and indicate what Andale store sales category to put an item in. The off line version does not support Andale stores at all, no items can be set up or launched to it from the off line version. If you are managing a large number of listings it is ridiculous to have to go to on line system and indicate or launch anything!!
  • Same problem with auto re list, can only be indicated in on line version
  • No bulk edit for cost (BUT great to add inventory with cost to existing listings one by one)
  • Off line version great to write listings BUT no bulk edit for cost, no editing to cost in spreadsheet form
  • VERY difficult to convert from SAP, 4 columns of data had to be manually imported.
  • No clear written instructions on how to migrate
  • Verbal instructions from support on how to migrate left out very important items which had disastrous results (many items did not debit from inventory when sold for 3 weeks, a mess to fix)
  • Was unable to import any ads from SAP all had to be imported via live import and had to have columns of data manually put in (including store category). Each item had to be opened, they could not be put in in spreadsheet view.
  • There are some stupid bugs, like certain columns which will not sort.
  • Difficult and annoying to change an item from store sale to auction or vice versa, too many things to reset
  • THUMBNAILS ridiculously small.
  • Only on line version spell checks, and neither spell checks title
  • It is hard to keep straight what you need to do with the off line version and what you need to do online. Everything is too slow online.
  • No quick and easy way to find 2nd chance offers on items which have available inventory when you have a high volume of listings it is stupid to waste time viewing multiple pages to find that data
  • Easy to make mistakes with off line version because preview does not show you category you have placed item in
  • It is complicated to find items which you know little about. IE a customer mails you back a refund with no email address and no item number. You cant quite remember the title. You cannot find it with the off line tool. They did add a search, but it is too sensitive, you must use online archive, and they go into a few different screens to figure the details on that item.
  • You cannot find the exact filename of your original picture once you have added it in. Likes with Andale Listers:
  • On line easy to use and to teach (BUT TOO SLOW TO be practical)
  • Off Line very easy to use once you learn it AND FAST
  • You can toggle between html viewer and code, which you can enter into on either side (as in Turbo Lister)
  • Many fields are editable in spreadsheet form
  • I like the outline view which I can create multiple folders to hold inventory in and view them as I am working
  • I really like this lister in comparison to any others I have used. ...continued...
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    Re: Andale & Seller's Assistant Pro - detailed rev
    15 Dec 2004
    Comments on Andale Gallery

    I hate it it stinks. It is no good for someone who did not start with andale and has many many many listings, no one wants to browse through 3,000 listings. Your only choices for layout are to use Ebay categories (which does not break down very well if you are listing all jewelry) or to come up with categories which you choose which are formed by searching for keywords in your title. If you did not write the listings thinking they would be used this way it is impossible to create a good category structure for these items. 55 Character titles and the new wording rules for ebay jewelry categories make it even worse. It is too big and obnoxious. It make it obvious you are pumping for more sales. --- I LOVE Vendio Gallery (the marquee style). I want a gallery which takes me either just to the item, or to my ebay store. OR there is nothing wrong with Ebay gallery, it is not broke, so why fix.

    Comments on Andale Store

    Great Idea USLESS if the only way to launch and indicate categories is online, too slow, too much work. If you have a lot of listings.

    Comments on Andale Checkout

    This will be the death of Andale. IT is HORRIBLE AWFUL THE WORST EVER!! The customers HATE it, it actually receives hate mail. My unpaid sales have increased since I have switch to Andale. And the number of personal checks and money orders I get has increased from people trying to avoid andale. The average time it takes me to collect the $$ from customers has increased, as has my non paying bidders. My sales numbers are also less correct, andale shipping totals are often not the same as what is paid in pay pal. I currently allow both ebay and andale checkouts, which is a pain. This mess requires 3 4 hours of time a day (if I am lucky) in comparison to the hour to 1 hour I was complaining about with SAPs back checking. I used to get a new toner cartridge once every 6 months, and I bought a couple of reams of paper a month. I have used 2 toner cartages since September and have begun buying paper by the case. I do not want to do work a computer can do!!! Every day you have to print from ebay the items which sold overnight, run a 15 20 minute demon on andale, print your pay pal receipts, and compare the two to andale so that you can be sure they are correct. The shipping amount needs to be placed in each order in the proper place. They have just added a new upgrade, which means that you also now have to indicate what shipping type you are using on every single item & you have to enter some zeros before you can mark them as paid or save.

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    Re: Andale & Seller's Assistant Pro - detailed rev
    15 Dec 2004
    Problems with Andale Checkout

  • If checkout does not work properly for whatever reason (sometimes mysteriously an item is unable to be processed at all, andale does not recognize that the item was sold, although it knows it was listed) the sale is not debited from inventory. You have to check every day and be sure that each sold item is processed or you will be selling items you do not have.
  • Store sales are not processed automatically. If someone buys even only one thing from the store the checkout will not appear until the 1x or 2x a day that andale runs a Demon to process sales or until you find it and manually process the sale. THIS IS A HUGE DRAWBACK IF YOU HAVE A STORE. If andale checkout is the only available then checkout cannot be done at all. Until the item is processed. Every day I have to wait and process page by page all of my sales, that is is 6 pages of data and it takes about 15 20 minutes alone to do.
  • Customers hate it!! They think it is an outside service like pay pal, and they are registering with a new service. They think this is an example of a link which you should not use to get to pay pal, or there pay pal, info will be stolen. They are annoyed at having to enter there name and address because you do not have to do that with ebay checkout, and they are convinced that there name and number will go on mailing and telemarketing lists. They just hate it. Even if I just beg them to pay another way and just look at it and tell me what they do not like about it, they still hate it!!
  • International countries do no receive the correspondence in there language and the checkout is not in there language, so THEY HATE IT. They refuse to use it.
  • It is very inflexible for flat shipping rates. I do one flat rate for 1st piece in USA & Canada plus small charge for each additional. And one flat rate for first piece outside USA & Canada with a small flat rate for each additional.
  • It will only consider Canada as an international sale, you cannot make Canada and USA the same. I want USA & Canada The same
  • If you do not require that everything be rerouted to andale then, not all of your payments are reported to andale, and you have to check with pay pal every day to be sure what and if people paid. The numbers are not correct at all. If you do not reconcile them carefully your numbers will be no good for tax purposes.
  • If you require all things go to Andale, everyone complains, unpaid sales go up, money orders and checks go up, complaints go up, and work goes up (You eventually have to type out a pay pal $$ request to make them happy, and then go back and mark the pieces paid in both andale and in ebay. )
  • You can only print all paid invoices at one time with the off line system.
  • If a customer has sent a check or money order, but not completed checkout you can only print an invoice from the off line version, the on line one will not have it at all.
  • For whatever reason ads created with andale are not all combinable in ebay with ebay invoicing, so even if you choose to allow customers to use ebay checkout (Since you have no choice, since 30 refuse to use it) they may not be able to combine there sales. It seems as if many store sales are not combinable although some are.
  • Did I mention Everyone hates it?...continued...
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    Re: Andale & Seller's Assistant Pro - detailed rev
    15 Dec 2004
    Likes with Andale Checkout

  • Like the checkout and open cart concept. Ebay sellers put too much pressure on people to pay right away. I want the customers to hang around and keep buying things. They will if you let them.
  • It is nice that you can place an item back in inventory and file a non paying buyer at the same time. Comments Andale Help

  • OK this deserves and entire dissertation it itself. BUT I will be short. Live Help Never answers Ever. The help phone number answers only after 30 minutes, then they are no help. You are given an account manager (IE personal tech person), all s and emails lead back to him. If he does not know, you are in trouble. They are very nice people, and they try if you can get them, but they dont know the ins and outs of there own systems. I must say though that my Andale rep is a very nice guy who was able to get Andale to make some technical changes which did help a bit. BUT I had to complain a lot!

    Comment Andale Pictures

    OK No problems

    Comment Andale Research, Counters, Etc

    Very Good


    I would rate Seller's Assistant Pro high 4 stars. BUT it is a difficult program to learn, most people would be daunted by learning it and give up before they did, or would use it and never realize its full capabilities. It is cheap and if you do not carry a huge amount of inventory (meaning many different listings (7,000 or more), not many pieces) none of the “corruption” problems would come into effect. There are often problems with the shipping paid not downloading correctly, but everyone does not complain about that, it may have been the corruption of my database which caused it (I was at one time an Access programmer so I understand some of the systems problems). Ebay tech was never able to help with it. They asked for a copy of my database often, but never did repair it. It is able to anything, including live updates, so really it is an excellent tool. Since you can use ebay checkout with it, no one is upset by the checkout.

    Andale: I would have to give it two ratings Lister 5 stars, Checkout 1 star. The lister is really fabulous and combines the complexity and functionality of Seller’s Assistant Pro Listing with the speed and simplicity of a Turbo Lister. Really a great piece of work (For listing on Ebay, I am not sure about anything else). It has a few dumb bugs, but they are stupid, and could easily be fixed, and I am sure they will be (like certain columns not sorting etc). The checkout is just awful and people hate it. It annoys the customers and they get a feeling that they are signing up for some other service. For whatever reason they get the impression that there name and # will be sold to telemarketing lists and there credit card and pay pal info will be stolen from using andale’s link to get to pay pal. BAD PR. The checkout is very labor intensive for the seller. If the seller has an ebay store or if the seller has complicated shipping rates or if the seller sells internationally, it is a real nightmare. I would stick with it for the lister, but I have the feeling that the repairs on the checkout are going in the wrong direction to solve the store issues and the international problems. The programs are easy to learn, but the help pages are a joke, and it is difficult to get tech support unless you are at a level where you have an account manager.

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