what ebay software would you recommend?

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what ebay software would you recommend?
29 Jun 2011
I am wanting to set up a small shop (less than 100 items) on ebay and for that shop alos to appear on our own website thus avoiding setting up 2 shops. A good example of this is a shop run by www.therecycledgoodsfactory.co.uk/. Pretty much exactly what I am after and the software is by Auctiva.

My problem is that Auctiva are very difficult to contact with pre-sales call and that does not bode well for customer care. This would seem to be born out by some of the reviews here, www.webretailer.com/profiles/auctiva.asp

If you were to setup a simple shop, pretty much exactly the same as www.therecycledgoodsfactory.co.uk what would you recommend to an ebay newbie? I do not mind paying around £20 per month either.
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Re: what ebay software would you recommend?
30 Jun 2011
Does this software have to sync inventory between your ebay shop and your website... or what tasks do you want it to perform?