Master your eBay Feedback in the eBay App Store!

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Master your eBay Feedback in the eBay App Store!
6 Jul 2011
Greetings eBay Sellers,

I'm John Wheeler, the owner of HighVolumeSeller software and creator of Feedback Pro for eBay. I'd like to announce the immediately availability of an application I wrote and pushed through eBay's rigorous certification process: Feedback Pro in the eBay App Store.

Visit Feedback Pro in the eBay App Store

Feedback Pro does three things: feedback requests, feedback alerts, and Feedback Follow-ups. It can send 2 feedback requests to customers between 2 and 60 days after a sale completes and feedback isn't left. Additionally, Feedback Pro alerts you when you receive feedback via SMS or e-mail. Most sellers are only interested in neutral and negative feedback alerts, but you can receive positive alerts if you so desire. Finally, Feedback Pro sends customers follow-up e-mails that might include special promotions, links to "Add" you as a Favorite Seller, etc. All e-mails can be configured with variables for customer names, shipping addresses, product titles, and more!

I originally wrote Feedback Pro for my brother, who makes his living selling lotions on eBay. We were out to dinner with our wives, and he told me about how one negative feedback could trash his sales and lose him hundreds of dollars over the course of the day. He told me he'd check his feedback throughout the day and contact customers who left him negative feedback. Usually, just offering to makes things right and explaining how damaging the negative feedback was to his search rankings was all customers needed to hear before issuing feedback revisions.

Constantly refreshing and checking feedback was impacting how fast my brother could operate. At the time, I was writing articles for PayPal, so I had exposure to the X.commerce offering, and I knew eBay had APIs to tap into transaction data. We began to talk about feedback alerts, and Feedback Pro was released a few months later into the app store with that functionality only. Customers began signing up and naturally asking for feedback requests, so I added them. Feedback follow-ups followed soon thereafter.

Feedback Pro has been proven to increase feedback scores by 10-30%, and even more sometimes. It costs $5.99/month and has a 7-day free trial. Go visit the eBay App Store to tryout Feedback Pro now!

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