Anyone tried Izzonet?

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Anyone tried Izzonet?
12 Jul 2011
It's certainly interesting. Better than a lot of other offerings I have seen so far... but at the same time documentation is lacking. I can't get calculated shipping to work...

It's next to impossible finding info on this company. Their solution had launched on April 1, and like an April fools joke, all the search seems to be spam marketing posts and the forums of several places filled with their marketing droids in disguise.

That's too bad. In the beginning stages that I am in, otherwise, it seems like a good solution other than a few hang ups. I like that I can put in my own HTML. But I can figure out how some things tie in together.

Right now, the shine is obvious and overwhelming, but the content on the help is thin. They should also probably open a forum so members can help each other.

-tkop (ever in search of a good eBay/website All-in-one solution)
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Re: Anyone tried Izzonet?
14 Jul 2011
There are several other solutions but the "best" option really depends on your volume (#items) and sales volume ($/euros/etc). Another important aspect is what marketplaces you are looking to to use and your budget. We tried a lot of solutions but ended up building a custom solution.
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Re: Anyone tried Izzonet?
15 Jul 2011
I'm a smallish seller. I have enough stuff to ramp up to 30,000 items/SKUs.

But the vast majority are one off items, as I'm into collectibles/antiques.

Ideally, all I'd need is a website/eBay solution that syncs inventory, where I can have the same single piece in both, and when it sells one place, to yank it out of the other.

Another thing I see a lot of website lack are decent pictures. I'm not selling generic stereos here. Collectibles buyers are used to the fleamarket and auction, where they can actually hold the item and buy it, so for the internet, the least I can do is give them a lot of pics and generally big ones (800px in one direction or other)- and it's much faster than me describing every nook crevice, for sure. Lots of places still seem to limiti to 4 pics of 300-400px, come on, it's not 1999 anymore.

Then if the site can do as ebay, calculated shipping and mundane things, that be good too. Most sites seem to do that anyways. It's just the above two features are killer.

I don't really want a self-coded solution, as our budget really can't afford that. It's good that it works for you But I don't think I'm being overly demanding.

What usually happens though, is that I investigate something, and then hit a snag in one area. Which is okay, but sometimes you can tell the programmers never sold an item on the sites in their life.

My software chain is starting to look something like this:
JpegWizard2000 - Hosted Site - Linnworks - Blackthorne - Endicia

JW2000: Bulk Picture Manipulation
Hosted Site: One which Linnworks works with (there are over 30 carts to works from).
Blackthorne: Listing on ebay, invoices, etc. Might switch to SixBit in the future as BT is getting long in the tooth with no real upgrades in years.
Linnworks: Syncing between hosted site and ebay store
Endicia: Shipping

I was trying Linnlive but it's ebay listing feature is pretty worthless and overcomplicated for my usage. It's a great inventory syncing software as well as order management. But the ebay listing is less than a year old and the picture limitations chafe.

Once Izzonet matures, it might be able to take over as the hosted site and linnworks syncing in one shot.

I'm going to check eSellerExpress too but I need prices.
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Re: Anyone tried Izzonet?
18 Jul 2011
I just started using and I like it but i'm skeptical. The customer service is TERRIBLE. I called the number and it sounded like someone was yelling into the phone, I couldn't understand a word they were saying. I then used the live chat customer service, which i've used over 10 times already. Everytime I use it, it's the same person helping me, "Adam".

I don't know if it's shady or if it's legit. I'm pretty sure it's legit because eBay is involved. I'm just real skeptical about it. It says you can list your items automatically to your ebay account and yet it hasn't.

I've noticed a lot of misspellings on the site to which made me question it. How do you have more than 5 misspellings on a site that you charge over $100 a month on?

If anyone else that is using it could give me an idea as if they are legit or not b/c i'm about to cancel it in the next week.

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