Urgent-Need Step-by-step guidance to set-up ebay shop

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Urgent-Need Step-by-step guidance to set-up ebay shop
31 Jul 2011
Hi All,

I have just started my ebay shop with basic package and I need help and guidance regarding few issues i am having to upload my items.

My concerns:-

1.) I am not able to find any guide which help me step-by-step to set-up ebay shop. Please guide me to the proper link.

2.) For configuring categories,do I have to manually first give the category names in my ebay shop & then i have to upload my listing in Turbo Lister? Or there is ay any better time and cost effective option available to upload my listing in one step rather then first creating categories in the ebay shop & then uploading my item details in Turbo Lister to upload into my ebay shop - which is quite time consuming and on top of that Turbo Lister gets crashed so frequently. Please guide me in this regards.

Further to this, after I have created my categories manually in the ebay shop manually and then to load my item details under that particular category manually - for that i am not able to find the option in "My ebay".

For instance, after creating a category say "Leather Bags" , I have to List/upload an item by the name/title of "Lady's Handbag" - for this step what I have to do?-:

a.) I would like to know how to List/upload item manually under a category ( Like adding text only); and

b.) How to upload/List item in HTML , I mean i have the HTML code but i am not able to find the option to make an item list under a category & then paste my HTML code under that? Please help me

3.) Which is the best in-expensive postage/shipping company/option for products less then 2kg and then products more then 2kg?

4.) Where to buy the cost effective packaging material?

I will be very great-full if any one can reply to post promptly.

best regards,
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Re: Urgent-Need Step-by-step guidance to set-up ebay shop
9 Nov 2011
Ebay has very good tuturials available on just this subject
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Re: Urgent-Need Step-by-step guidance to set-up ebay shop
1 Feb 2012
Also strive for a high positive feedback score and DSR on eBay. These metrics tell the eBay community that you are a proven and trusted seller, resulting in increased sales.
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Re: Urgent-Need Step-by-step guidance to set-up ebay shop
19 Feb 2012
Getting Started with eBay Shops (UK): pages.ebay.co.uk/help/sell/store-getstarted.html

eBay Stores: Build Your Store (US): pages.ebay.com/storefronts/Building.html
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