Buy-It-Now scanner software

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Buy-It-Now scanner software
30 Aug 2011
Hello I have been using the AuctionSensor and eBay Agent software to scan for some Ebay items every minute, but when I find a item at the right price it is gone by the time I click the link. I check the item start time and the item sells within 1 minute.

Is there any other software that checks for newly listed buy it now items and updates within 1 minute? I want to buy a specific phone at a great price but the item always sells and it seems like I am about a minute late.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Buy-It-Now scanner software
30 Aug 2011
Hi mather_2003, thanks for posting

If AuctionSensor is not working out for you take a look at:

  • Buyer Auction Manager
  • JustDeals
  • AuctionTamer

  • By the way, this question has come up a couple of times before, but not recently e.g.:

    Hope that helps!
    Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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    Re: Buy-It-Now scanner software
    9 Sep 2011

    I created Buyer Auction Manager exactly for this purpose. It finds newly posted "Buy It Now" listings before other people have the chance to find them. This way if somebody posts a good deal for your keywords with BIN, you'll be one of the first people who will see it.

    The software queries eBay every few second for newly posted listings (you can set it up to even query every second) and displays newly found items in a grid. From there, you can double click to go directly to the listing in new browser window and if you decide that it's a good deal, you can purchase it.

    I've created this software for myself as I thought that this was the only way to find good deals on eBay. I use sniping every time I bid on auctions, but you usually do not get good deals that way because everybody has the chance to put their highest bid before the auction ends. With "Buy It Now", whoever finds the deal first and purchases it, gets the deal.

    Look at Buyer Auction Manager About Page to see the success I've had winning listings using this software.

    Did I mentioned that Buyer Auction Manager is totally free?

    Happy deal hunting!


    Thompson & Holt